Space Marines

I’ve had a ton of Space Marine stuff for may many years, and have played various lists, but I’ve never truly settled on one faction. Black Templars, Blood Angels, Space Wolves…who knows. Some day I’ll truly figure it out and complete a full force. Here’s a taste of some tests and what not.

Here’s a dreadnought for a chapter I dubbed the Crimson Templars. Few small details here and there not done…

Here’s some Space Wolves using the really amazing kit from GW. Couldn’t resist painting up some tests models with theseVolrath_wolves_3uptestVolrath_wolves_colortests
I did a few color test for personal chapters, here’s some that I liked. Really wanted a striking red in there, as most of my armies tended to have blue up until this time.
And this guy, well I have no idea where he came from, and I didnt paint him…but I see him following around some Sisters of Battle for some reason, had to include him.


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