Vampire Counts

This my dear friends is Lord Volrath’s Contingent. Hell bent on eating the souls of all who stand in his way for true unending life. His power vast and truly unconquerable, Volrath is a terrible force to be reckoned with, able to call upon all the dark necromantic powers the winds of magic have to offer. It is even said that his level of sorcery so great that even the chaos gods dare not interact in the foul incantations this mad sorcerer may know…

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Volrath_VC_ARMYVolrath_VC_sorcereronfootVolrath_VC_sorcereronhorseVolrath_VC_skelies_2unitsVolrath_VC_skelies_unit01Volrath_VC_skelies_unit02Volrath_VC_zombies Volrath_VC_vargulfVolrath_VC_vamp_wingedVolrath_VC_whights_standardVolrath_VC_whightsVolrath_VC_ghoulsVolrath_VC_ghostsVolrath_VC_ghosts)closeVolrath_VC_wraithsVolrath_VC_corpsecartVolrath_VC_coach      Volrath_VC_flyingpigsVolrath_VC_board_skelliesVolrath_VC_board_herosVolrath_VC_magnetized


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